Terrorism: May 16, 2001


under a lightning storm. 

American satellites have located eleven terrorist training camps in Iran. Most are around the capital, Tehran. It was long known that Iran supplied aid for various terrorist organizations, but until the satellite survey was conducted, with the assistance of other intelligence, the full extent of the operation was not known. Some 5,000 terrorists have trained in the camps. Most of the trainees are from Arab nations (Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria) as well as Iran and Turkey. At least 500 were trained to make suicide bombs (which is not as simple as you might think.) These camps are only two years old, and were set up at the order of the former (conservative) president Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani has publicly played down international terrorism, it is possible that he set up the camps to placate the religious conservatives who constantly attack him for not being radical enough. The religious conservatives in Iran have long had security organizations that supplied aid to foreign terrorist organizations, in particular the Lebanese Hizbollah and religious


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