Terrorism: July 12, 2001


In February, British police arrested men, most of the Algerian, on terrorism and other criminal charges. One of them, Abu Doha, had an apartment where police seized 200 Islamic propaganda videocassettes about the war in Checnya (the Chechen rebels like to tape their operations), a telescopic rifle sight and blank Italian, French and Spanish passports. In addition there was a credit card duplicating machine, laminating equipment, 20 credit cards, a number of passport showing Doha in various disguises and a large amount of cash. Recently, Doha was released from jail pending the discovery of additional evidence, and a pending French request to extradite Doha to France on terrorism charges. The British won't comment on this, but based on past British performance, they apparently let Doha go in the hope that they could keep an eye on him and that eventually he would lead to additional terrorist suspects. A risky undertaking, but, as the motto of the British special operations commandos


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