Terrorism: August 4, 2001


deal with such outbreaks.--Stephen V Cole

The Basque independence group ETA has officially taken responsibility for 15 attacks (and 34 deaths) since a truce ended last May. ETA's terrorist attacks have left some 800 people dead since 1968. But the Basque people have gotten tired of the violence, and more comfortable with the increasing autonomy they have obtained from the Spanish government. 

August 3, 2001; On July 24th, a bomb went off next to a police barracks in Corsica, wounding 14. The CNLF (Corsican National Liberation Front) took responsibility. The French government negotiated a truce with the CNLF in late 1999, and agreed to negotiations over CNLF demands. The CNLF says the government is dragging its heels and unless there is more progress, the CNLF will return to the bombings, assassinations and kidnappings it had used in the past in its struggle for Corsican independence, or greater autonomy. Corsican resistance to French rule been something of a constant over the centuries. More of a problem has been the entrenched organized crime on the island. But the CNLF is willing to commit more


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