Terrorism: August 16, 2001


local radical Moslems are agreeable to support pro-Moslem terrorism.

On the 11th, three Irishmen were arrested in Colombia as they tried to fly out of the country. The three had been observed spending the last month in territory controlled by the  FARC rebel organization. Tests of the men's clothing indicated they had recently handled several types of explosives. Checking identities with Britain revealed that the three were members of the IRA terrorist group in Northern Ireland. People in Northern Ireland recognized the men as "IRA engineers" (experts in building bombs and weapons like mortars.) Apparently the IRA had made a deal to provide "technical training and assistance" in exchange for money and/or drugs from FARC. The IRA, like FARC and many other liberation organizations, has seen it's purely criminal activities (especially drugs) increase over the last decade. The FARC has been far more successful in the drug and kidnapping business. The IRA has had to deal with the formidable British SAS and British intelligence agencies, but has managed to make a go of it with drug dealing and other rackets. The IRA has long maintained contacts with other terrorist groups, and done business with them as well.  This is the first time IRA members were caught in the act. The Colombian government fears the IRA bomb experts were helping the FARC prepare for a terror campaign in urban areas. Up until now, the 40 year civil war in Colombia was fought largely in the countryside. 


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