Terrorism: June 12, 2005


: The war on terror is a lot more  Iraq and Afghanistan and hunting for terrorists in the United States. Here is a sampler of Terrorist Incidents that rarely make the news, but form the core of what is happening in the war on terror.

3 June
Russia: An electrical sub-station in Northern Ossetia was raked by automatic weapons fire, resulting In about $2 million worth of damage. Electrical power was not interrupted. Chechen rebels are believed responsible.

5 June
Kenya: Members of the Omoro Liberation Front, an Ethiopian separatist group, raided across the border into the Eastern Province and briefly captured the town of Soloke. The raiders killed seven Kenyans and made off with thousands of head of livestock.

Somalia: Journalist Duniya Muhyodire Nur was murdered in Mogadishu by persons unknown, probably for reporting on local militia activity

Syria: Kurdish nationalists staged a violent protest in Al Qomishli over the recent murder of a prominent Kurdish leader.

Turkey: An ambush by Kurdish separatists near Cickeli resulted in the death of four Turkish troops.

U.S.: Arizona, police arrested a 25 year old man who was found with ricin-making equipment, and what appeared to be ricin,  which he claimed was for self defense.

6 June
Israel: Several people were killed in a series of Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks in Gaza

Northern Ireland: Protestant radicals fire bombed the homes of several Catholic Sinn Fein Party members in Colerain.

7 June
Iran: An explosion occurred  near a prominent Shia shrine in Qom. Damage was reportedly light. Official government sources denied than an incident had occurred.

8 June
Indonesia: Several explosions occurred at a residence in Jakarta belonging to a known Islamist sympathizer (who was in police hands at the time). The blasts appear to have resulted from an accident during bomb assembly.

9 June
Australia: In Canberra, mail containing a white, powdery substance was delivered to the several embassies, including the U.S., British, Italian, and South Korean, as well as to Parliament and a number of other government agencies, accompanied by a message reading Get out of Iraq and other Moslem lands or face dire consequences. No one has claimed responsibility. The substance is not believed to be dangerous, but is being tested. 


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