Air Weapons: Hellfire Lite From Europe


June 5,2008: Noting the success, and popularity, of the hundred pound Hellfire missile fired from UAVs, Thales UK has come up with a smaller missile. The LMM (Lightweight Multirole Missile). Weighing 28 pounds, with a range of 8 kilometers and carrying a 6.5 pound fragmentation warhead, the LMM uses laser guidance. Development only cost $4 million and took 18 months, mainly because the LMM was based on the existing Starstreak anti-aircraft missile. Price has not been set yet, but it will and mass production won't begin for another two years. That's because more testing needs to be done, and manufacturing facilities set up. There are also marketing problems. The LMM will have to compete with a cheaper, laser guided 70mm rocket. This is a 25 pound weapon with a six kilometers range.




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