Air Weapons Article Archive 2014


Matching Two MisfitsIsrael And The Secret StockpileIraq Goes For The Little (70mm) Wonder
Poland Buys An Antidote For RussiaMaking Maverick Forever YoungMore Small Stuff
Making HARM More DangerousTurkey Sticks It To Israel AgainThe Smallest Smart Bomb
Singapore Seeks Survival Through PrecisionCompetition Is Killing The SDBSADARM For China
Oz Dumps ASRAM For SidewinderJSOW Cripples JASSMJASSM Lives
Brazil, Harpoon And Nervous NeighborsTalon Is CertifiedTurks Develop A Superior 70mm Missile
Sidewinder Evolves To SurviveDigital Rocket LauncherPaveway Of Arabia
Stocking Up On JDAMSLAM-ER The IntimidatorTurkish Hellfire
Norway Stocks Up To Deal With The RussiansIt Works Great But Nobody Wants ItIran Hides Behind China
Lahat Mutates And SpreadsIraq Calls For More HellfireHellfire Crushes The Competition
MOP Tweaked To Go DeeperCheap, Effective And UnwantedSpike NLOS For South Korean Wildcats
Taiwan Creates Its Own Smart BombsIran And The Cursed Cruise Missile



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