Air Weapons Article Archive 2012


Iraq Buys The Long EyesNorwegian Rocket Makers Save AMRAAMThe Chinese BrahMos
Light, Lively And LethalA Better HARM Flaws And AllBrahMos
Hella Lotta HellfiresPoliticians Love ItPenguins A Hit In Brazil
The Smart Bomb OrphanThe Great American Missile DroughtThe Mavericks Of Indonesia
New Sidewinder TweaksGun Turrets For V-22sSparrows Catch The AMRAAM Disease
Missiles Suddenly Can't Handle The ColdWi-Fi For Smart BombsGAU-23 Becomes Gunship Standard
Iranian Speedboats Blasted By BrimstoneImproved Hellfire Headed To KuwaitChina Does Hellfire
Hammer Speaks American9X For OmanA Deadly Drizzle Of Droids
Cheap And PenetratingMini-Missiles For Mini-UAVsMaking Sense Of Mass Confusion
Fliker Will Save Your AssGood EnoughMuch Better But Mostly Unwanted
Viper Strike Gets WorkKeeping The Legend AliveAMRAAM Could Not Stand The Heat
Russian Mystery MissileWhat America Lost Over LibyaThe Marines Go For Cheap And Deadly
Japan Builds A Better AMRAAMDerringer Door Does Easy ReloadsWhip Shot Takes On Griffin
The New Israeli Bunker BusterNew Bunker Buster Gets Urgent UpgradesAnti-Chinese Sonobuoys
Poland Upgrades Its F-16 WeaponsYou Can Fly But You Can't KillMICA Reaches Out



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