Air Weapons: Rogue 1 Joins the Marines


June 6, 2024: SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and the Marine Corps have purchased several hundred $94,000 Rogue 1 loitering munitions. Rogue 1 is a 4.6 kg quad copter with a 30 minute duration and the ability to deliver a 450 gr anti-personnel or anti-armor explosive device in an attack that also destroys the Rogue 1. If an attack is aborted the Rogue 1 can return to the operator and be reused after the battery is recharged.

Rogue 1 can also be used for day or night reconnaissance using its video camera. The images can be viewed on the operator controller. Top speed is 113 kilometers an hour and range from the operator is ten kilometers. Before use the Rogue 1 is rolled up and carried in a tube that can be carried on a backpack.

Currently Rogue 1 is being purchased in small quantities for evaluation. For larger orders, as in thousands of units, each Rogue 1 would each cost $20,000 or less.




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