Air Weapons: Canada Prefers Accuracy Over Economy In Libya


May 25, 2011: Canada has ordered another 1,300 Paveway laser guided bombs. This order was apparently triggered by the large number of bombs used during current operations in Libya. There, Canadian CF-18 fighter-bombers have flown over 300 sorties, which could have resulted in the use many Paveways. In practice, the CF-18s have probably used less than 500 smart bombs so far. The Libyan troops loyal to dictator Moamar Kaddafi have quickly learned how not to appear as a likely target to jets overhead. So NATO fighter-bombers often come back with the four or more smart bombs they went out with.

Canada prefers to use the more accurate (hits within one meter/3.1 feet) JDAM laser guided bomb, even though it is three times as expensive (about $100,000 each) than the GPS guided JDAM (hits within ten meters/31 feet). The greater accuracy means less risk of missing the target, or causing harm to nearby civilians or friendly troops.





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