Marines: Peru Calls Dibs On The Last Two Newports


December 2, 2009: Peru was quick to note that the U.S. Navy was officially replacing its LSTs with its new San Antonio class of amphibious ships. So Peru has asked the U.S. to sell two Newport class LSTs, that have been out of service, but in reserve, since 1993. The two ships entered service in 1969 and 1971. It will cost Peru less than $100 million (mostly to get them into shape) to get these ships. Peru already has three older U.S. LSTs, that entered service in the 1950s.

The Newport class ships displace 8,500 tons, have a crew of 224 and can carry 400 troops. There is also  1,767 square meters (19,000 square feet) of space for over 30 vehicles. These LSTs do not run up on the beach, but use a 110 foot (34m) ramp in the bow to move troops and vehicles onto shore, and a stern dock for loading and launching amphibious vehicles and landing craft. Four of these ships were sunk for target practice, and the rest (save for the current two) were already sold to foreign navies (Australia 2, Brazil 1, Chile 1, Malaysia 1, Mexico 2, Spain 2, and Taiwan 2.)





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