Marines: January 9, 2000


The US Marines have received the last of the 62 Interim Fast Attack Vehicles, which are modified Mercedes-Benz GDT290 four-wheel drive utility vehicles. Each can carry six Marines, plus a .50-caliber machinegun and a 40mm grenade launcher. Two can be carried inside a CH-53 and one can be carried inside a V-22. The Marines use the vehicles for tactical recon, mobile weapons platforms, and fast raiding forces. The IFAVs are replacing some of the ancient M151 fast attack vehicles. The Marines are now taking bids for the new ITV (Internally-Transported Fast Attack Vehicle), and want to buy 329 of them. These will be carried in CH-53s and V-22s, so they must be no more than 64 inches high and 62 inches wide. --Stephen V Cole




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