Marines: The Philippines Gets An LPD


August 10, 2016: In June 2016 the Philippines put its first LPD (Landing Platform Dock) amphibious ship, the BRP Tarlac, into service. This is an 11,500 ton Makassar class ship built in Indonesia based on a South Korean design. Tarlac can carry two LCU or LCM landing craft in its internal dock and has a landing platform and hanger for two medium helicopters. There are accommodations for 500 troops as well as several dozen vehicles. The ship has a top speed of 30 kilometers an hour and cruising speed of 24. Max endurance is 30 days. The crew of 121 also handles one 76mm gun, two 25mm autocannon for anti-missile defense and firing positions for a dozen or more 12.7mm machine-guns. A second ship of this class will be delivered to the Philippines by the end of 2017. Cost per ship (fully equipped) is about $100 million. The Philippines will use these LPDs for sea search and rescue missions as well as humanitarian missions in the Philippines or neighboring nations.




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