Armor: Pakistan Builds A Mystery MRAP


February 10, 2011:  Pakistan has been fighting the Taliban along the Afghan border for the past three years and, not surprisingly, has had to cope with IEDs (Improved Explosive Devices) and RPGs used against vehicles. The Pakistani Army found it cheaper to build their own protective vehicles and devices, than import the stuff the United States and NATO troops were using. Thus Pakistani M-113 armored personnel carriers have been equipped with locally built metal cage type protection against RPGs. Pakistan has also built its own MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles. The main model is called the Burraq. Few details have been released, but it appears to be a 12 ton, 4x4 vehicle that can carry 8 passengers. It has a V shaped underbody and is bulletproof. Pakistan wants to offer the vehicle for export, apparently hoping to gain market share based on low price. The Pakistanis have also been adding armor to their hummer type vehicles (Land Rovers), to give the passengers some protection against gunfire.





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