Armor: May 16, 2003


The Special Forces are actually motorized infantry most of the time. In Iraq they used a customized version of the Humvee they called the Dumvees ("Desert Humvee"). This was a standard Humvee with several modifications. A hole in the roof allows for a turret containing a .50 caliber (12.7mm) machine-gun. In the open truck bed behind the drivers compartment a 7.62mm M240 machine-gun is mounted. Sometimes the .50 caliber machine-gun is replaced by a M19 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Each passenger also has their own M-4 or sniper rifle, plus several AT-4 portable anti-tank missiles. Additional ammunition and each mans rucksack is piled inside the Dumvee, which also hauls an eight foot trailer containing additional gear (a small generator, fire control and communications equipment) as well as food, water and medical supplies. 




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