Artillery: Cheap, Ballistic And Indian


November 6, 2013: India is offering an export version of its Prahaar short range, solid fuel, ballistic missile to friendly countries (this would apparently include everyone except Pakistan and China). In 2011 India competed tests for Prahaar. The export version will be called Pragati and sells for about $3 million each. 

Prahaar/Pragati is a 1.3 ton solid fuel ballistic missile with a range of up to 150 kilometers. Prahaar is used in a six pack of the missiles in shipping/firing containers that is carried on an 8x8 transporter/launch vehicle. Each missile has a 200 kg (440 pound) warhead. The 420mm diameter Prahaar is 7.3 meters (22.6 feet) long. The GPS/INS guided missile reaches its target in 250 seconds and lands within 30 meters (a hundred feet) of the aiming point. Prahaar was developed in less than two years. Because it uses solid fuel and GPS navigation it can be ready to fire within minutes.

Pakistan has also developed similar short range ballistic missiles, and it is feared that both countries will arm these missiles with nuclear, as well as conventional, warheads. This would make a nuclear war between the two nations more likely. Pragati is sold only with conventional warheads, although the buyer could supply their own nuclear or chemical warhead. 




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