Artillery: November 6, 2000


Soltam, Israel's artillery company, has produced a new 6x6 Self-Propelled Wheeled Gun. Basically, this amounts to a 155mm (52 caliber) TIG-2000 towed field howitzer mounted on the back edge of a TATRA 6x6 truck. Two hydraulic spades mounted at the rear corners of the truck are driven into the ground to provide stability when firing. Soltam hopes to market the gun to the Indian Army, which wants it to provide mobile artillery for less cost than traditional armored and tracked systems. The Soltam gun is lighter than the competing Swedish Bofors truck gun; the Soltam weapon can be carried by a C-130 while the Swedish gun cannot. The Soltam gun can reach 41,000m with base-bleed ammunition.--Stephen V Cole




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