Artillery: May 26, 2001


Singapore Technologies Kinetics has unveiled two new weapon systems under development. The first is a lightweight self-propelled 155mm howitzer with a 39-caliber barrel. It is transportable by a C130 and can be carried internally by a CH47 or CH53. The system is unarmored and unenclosed, and (like similar systems which have shown up in the last few years) basically mounts the gun at the rear of a truck chassis and must lower it to the ground to fire. The gun itself is provided by OtoBreda of Italy. The eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier will start trials by fall. It has a driver on the left, the power pack on the right front, and a machinegun operated by an exposed gunner. It could also be fitted with the two-man Bionix turret mounting a 25mm cannon. It can carry 12 troops in addition to the driver and gunner; this is reduced to 8 troops if the turret is mounted. Variants are being studied including one with a 120mm mortar. The vehicle will weigh in at 24 metric tons with a full combat load and troops.--Stephen V Cole




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