Artillery: June 15, 2001


Peacekeeping operations, usually at the behest of the UN, are changing the way military units operate. It has had an interesting impact on artillery units. Now normally you would think that artillery battalions would not be sent on peacekeeping missions. The big guns are overkill in peacekeeping situations. But many nations willing to supply peacekeepers don't have enough infantry or tank units available for the job. Plus, it's good for morale if the infantry and tankers can see the gunners pulling a share of the unpopular peacekeeping chores. Actually, the artillery can get some use, firing illumination shells to interrupt illegal activities. But more important are the large number of trucks artillery units have. Transportation is something that's always in short supply during peacekeeping operations. And the gunners have rifles, know how to use them and can be used for manning the many checkpoints found in restless regions. 




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