Artillery: July 26, 2004


The U.S. Navy is still having problems with an oversupply of sailors. Recruiters are meeting their goals, even with increased standards. Worse, more sailors want to stay in the navy. So far this year, some 60 percent of eligible junior sailors want to reenlist, and the navy was planning on only 56 percent wanting to stay in. So the navy is making it easier for sailors in most jobs to get out early. Last year, those with less than six months to go could apply for an early discharge, and 560 went home early that way. The new plan lets those with less than a year to go to get out early. Sailors in critical jobs (SEALs, nuclear sub specialists, Etc.) are not eligible for the early out. Meanwhile, career sailors are also staying in at unexpectedly high levels. Those in jobs that are overstaffed, or due to be obsolete, are being offered retraining, or help in transferring to the army (in order, keep their job and to preserve their pension benefits.)




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