Infantry: Air Warrior Updated


January 16, 2009: The U.S. Army issues each member of an aircraft (usually a helicopter) crew with a set of equipment meant to enable better performance in the aircraft, as well as for when the soldiers find themselves on the ground in an emergency situation. This set of gear is called "Air Warrior" and an upgrade to the 20,000 sets currently in service, is being issued.

Similar to the emergency gear air force and navy air crew carry, "Air Warrior" includes a radio, flares and other signaling devices, medical equipment, protective gear (flak jacket and helmet), an inflatable life raft and flotation collar and a Blue Force Tracker display (that is mounted near the knee). There is also chemical warfare gear, night vision gear, extra ammo for their weapon (a pistol or M-4 or M-16) and compressed air for the life raft and flotation collar. The new set of gear is lighter and less bulkier. This all makes it clear that, air warriors, like land warriors, have a lot of gear to haul along with them when they go off to work.





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