Infantry Article Archive 2008


Strongarm And SUGVIron Man Is JewishThe Care And Rehabilitation Of Battlefield Robots
A UAV That Perches And StaresThe Marines Find A WayLighter, Stronger And Safer
Lessons Learned And ForgottenThe Battle of Wanat Revealed, Sort OfSim In A Can
The Robot On Your BackThe WeightUSAF Cuts Ground Combat Training
The Brass Lighten UpExercising For CombatTraining For The Wrong War
The Sniper RevolutionIraqi Army ScoutsMarines And Army Get New Parachute Designs
Troops Angry At Media Bias and LazinessAn American TraditionSearching For SuperBoot
Cool Breezes Are Generally HarmlessChina Catches UpTen Week Basic Works
Realistic PT For CombatIndia Takes The Highest GroundPulling No Punches Without Pain
Speed Is BulletproofNot Ready For Prime Time RobotsIt's In The Bag
Death From Above Made EasierHumans 1, Technology 0Do Not Go Anywhere Without It
Dumb, Dangerous and PromisingSuper Droid Takes A TestSOCOM Super Boot Takes On Afghanistan
More Street Fighter Support StuffWater SportsMarines Learn How To Hunt
Google Earth For GruntsElectronic EarsA Pain In the Ass
NATO Embraces Urban WarfareUSAF Teaches BrawlingWhy We Hate Lawyers
Marines Confront the Weight ProblemNew Armor Fixes Old ProblemsTurning Sailors Into Street Fighters



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