Infantry Article Archive 2010


The Great Ranger School RebellionA Chest Computer Brings Bombs FasterA Chip On The Shoulder That Kills Snipers
Yet Another Illegal Battlefield DrugEvolving TacticsTeaching Robots To Jump
The Grenadiers Get To Go LightlySmart Machines Evolve On The BattlefieldElectronic Bullets Save Lives And Money
Cutting Air Controllers Down To SizeThe Face Of DeathIsrael Does A Changeup
Night MovesUSAF Fixes Its Color ConflictVideo Games And The Culture Of Fat
Getting To The Bottom Of A Major ProblemLawyers Unable To Eliminate The Enemy BelowParatroopers Land In Tibet
Trackers Are Trendy Once MoreTarget Practice Against Smart RobotsMarines Lead The Way To Lego Land
Killer Games For Grunts I'll Raise You A Nasty SurpriseSpeech As A Weapon
Too Much Ain't EnoughUp Close And Still DeadlyCombatiente del Futuro
New Look For British SquadiesWake Up CallGet What You Need, Not What You Want
He's Not Heavy, He's My DogThe Quick SwitchOnly The Best Will Do
No Known Cure For The AK-47 DiseaseStimulating ShootersGoing Light To Get It Right
Marines Go Light On Top Bedouin Warriors Master Electronic BulletsBasic Gets Back To Basics
Bayonet Drill Dies Of BoredomXBox Saved My AssLife Saving Practices Legalized
Pedestrian MattersGoing Long In Afghanistan Up Close And Personal
Bangalore Torpedo Gets Upgraded Once MoreWhy The Indian Infantry Are IrritatedExperts Get No Respect
Canada Joins The MovementThe Thinning Red LineThe British (Very) Heavy Infantry
Cheaper Doesn't Cut It



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