Infantry: Ultra Portable Foot Bridge


February 18, 2011: The British Army has come up with a lightweight and portable solution to a common mobility problem their troops were having in southern Afghanistan. The problem was getting across numerous deep, but narrow, ditches, canals and crevices found in the area. The troops also often found themselves in need of ladders to get over walls, or similar obstacles. The solution was the Short Gap Crossing system. Using strong (composites) sections (each 75 cm/30 inches square) that can be snapped together quickly to create a ladder. For use as a bridge, you can use a maximum of six sections, for a 4.5 meter/14 foot span able to handle the weight of a fully equipped soldier (up to 150 kg/330 pounds). Each section weighs less than a kilogram (2.2 pounds), and assembling four or more takes less than two minutes. Six soldiers in a squad can hang one section on their packs, without adding much weight.





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