Infantry: January 21, 2005


For combat troops, camping out, and roughing it in general,  gets old real fast. In Iraq and Afghanistan, units are often out for days (or, in Afghanistan, weeks) at a time. Even troops traveling in hummers or armored vehicles are traveling light, and have little protection from the elements besides a poncho and sleeping bag. Some troops pack commercial camping tents, as the military issue ones are bulky and a hassle to put up and take down. And once again, the commercial camping gear manufacturers came up with a solution; the tent-cot. Weighing 18 pounds, and folding up to fit in a 30" x 35" x 6" carrying case, it opens to produce a 24 inch high, 30 inch wide, 7 foot Long cot with a tent built in. Especially important is the built in mosquito netting. The cot sits 11 inches off the ground, keeping you away from the bugs and such. There are also rain flaps, all for $150. The U.S. Air Force has bought lots of them for the personnel it sends in to set up forward air bases. But SOCOM, soldiers and marines have all bought them. Special Forces like them because they make long term operations that much more comfortable. In places like Iraq and Afghanistan, keeping the bugs away at night is a major plus. The cot supports up to 300 pounds. 




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