Infantry: Security Camera Counters Snipers


January29, 2007: A U.S. firm (Boeing) has combined a ground based sniper detection system (ShotSpotter) with a UAV (ScanEagle) to provide greater, and speedier, accuracy in locating where a sniper is. The combined system is called GSAT (Ground Situational Awareness Toolkit). With the UAV overhead, the commander down below gets, within seconds, an overhead view of where the snipers shot came from. Speed is essential when dealing with snipers, and by providing troops with an easy to comprehend image of where the sniper is, the chances of taking down the sniper are much higher. Existing, ground based, sniper detection systems, provide directional information about where the sniper is. But with the ScanEagele, and its high resolution camera, overhead, and linked to ShotSpotter, you have a much more useful system. GSAT will be tried out in Iraq.




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