Infantry: SOCOM Calls And Israelis Answer


November 7, 2013: U.S. SOCOM (Special Operations Command) needed a small robot that could climb stairs, and an Israeli firm quickly came up with the MTGR (Micro Tactical Ground Robot) [PHOTO]. This is a nine kg (nineteen pound) robot that can carry nine kg of tools and sensors and, most importantly can climb stairs. Top speed is about three kilometers an hour (80cm a second) and max range from the operator is about 480 meters. The MTGR can operate two-four hours on one battery charge. Sensors usually include day and night cameras, a microphone, laser pointer, and speaker. SOCOM operators have used MTGR to check out buildings before going in. MTGR is also agile enough to move among rubble or caves full of debris (as in the aftermath of an explosion). 

The Israeli firm (Roboteam) got the MTGR contract with SOCOM because of the speed with which they configured one of their existing robots to meet the specifications requested. The U.S. Army is now checking out MTGR for the regular infantry.




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