Intelligence Article Archive 2009


AWACS And The PiratesThe Gorgon Sees Much MoreSecrets That Are a Silly Software Command Away
Up The Creek Without A LinguistAmir Flips On IranAn Eye For Trouble
Traffic AnalysisThe Flying DetectiveFighting The Evil Genius In China
Moving The Method To Afghanistan Unstoppable China America And The Enemy Within
Watching The PolicemanAfghanistan Is DifferentThe Leaky Laptop
The North Korean MenaceOverloadThe Wonders Of Waziristan
How Do You Know?Where The Flying Death Squad Gets Its InformationItalians Make Libya Safe
Every Tweet Means SomethingIsrael Spying On America Again?The Great Sensor Hunt
Woomera Bars Chinese MinersChina Tech Theft Effort Under AttackBritain Defeats The Islamic Menace
The Usual Suspects Come Up CleanNATO JSTARS Shrinks AgainChina Lite
The Great Afghan Pile OnThings You Should Not KnowBin Laden's Bodyguard of Lies
A Gang Of Geeks Pile OnParanoid SuspicionsDo Whatever It Takes, We'll Punish You Later
We Want It, And We Want It NowCAPE MenThe Swarm Moves East
Islands In The SunReal Time Legal AdviceThe Good Spy Who Never Was
Leaving The Desert For The MountainsTranslator Shortage Gets WorseA Torrent Of Targets
Boeing Plundered By Chinese EngineerAdvice For Terrorist Spy HuntersChina Versus NSA
Canada Buys The High GroundTaliban Test Chinese WeaponsGirls With Guns Get It
Canadian Eyes Are FlyingCover Your Ass For The CauseAl Qaeda Playbook In Action
Iran Sort Of Scores Big, MaybeChinese Mystery On The Russian BorderTongue Tied
The CIA Seeks To Hold On To Its MojoMaking Sense Of Tribal PoliticsHunting Islamic Terrorists In Ireland
Busting FacebookThanks For The MemoryMore Chinese Spies In America
Shin Bet And The BanksRental UAVs Revolutionize ReconU.S. Buys Su-27s
Virtual Al Qaeda RocksTerrorists Terrified By MalwareThe Mountains Of Fear
Blame The MessengerThe Few, The Fewer And The FewestThe Annual Magic Missile Announcement
The Pakistani Leak MachineTrust And The Greedy TranslatorSpies From The Heartland Carry The Weight
Who Can A terrorist Trust?The Biggest, The Baddest And The Most VulnerableThe Enemies Within
A Grain Of Sand Reveals AllProfessional CourtesyEurope Puts Eyes On The World
The Modern Mata Hari Speaks MandarinBritish Tracker Goes To WarThe Culture Of Espionage
Bittorrent To The RescueEA-18G Smokes An F-22The Linux Connection
Pakistan Persuaded To Probably ProsecuteDon't Get CaughtWhere The UAVs Live In Pakistan
Mexico Buys Long EyesSex WorksBiometric Databases
Robotic Eyes On The GroundThe Crowdsourcing RevolutionChips You Can Trust
Finding American Spies in PakistanJordan Has An Arrangement With HamasBoobytrapping The Presidential BlackBerry
TowHawkThe Pakistani DisconnectionThe Luck Of The Chinese
FBI Seeks More GeeksRussia Rounds Up The Usual SuspectsOn Her Majesties Secret Service
The Pollard Ring GrowsPlans Collide In GazaTake It To The Bank
Students Speaking In Tongues



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