Intelligence: German Bureaucrats Attack Russia


September 1, 2012: Germany recently seized two shipments of military aircraft engines from Russia because the engines lacked the proper paperwork. Normally this would not be a big deal but Germany is growing angrier at increased Russian espionage inside Germany and smuggling via Germany. In response the Germans are showing no mercy when it comes to paperwork and documents in general.

One of the blocked shipments contained four turboprop engines for eight Russian Ru-142 maritime patrol aircraft used by India. The other shipment contained rebuilt Russian jet engines for Algerian MiG-29s.

This sort of thing can continue to escalate with Russia refusing to back down on its espionage efforts and Germany based dirty deals in general. Russia can threaten trade interruption but that will hurt Russia more than Germany at this point. The German economy is doing well, Russia’s is not. So now is the time for German counter-intelligence to put the screws to the Russians. Kick them while their down, because otherwise the Russians will just ignore your complaints.





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