Intelligence: October 12, 2001


One major plus of the September 11th attacks has been the unprecedented sharing of information on suspected terrorist activity. Normally, each nation keeps information on local terrorism suspects to themselves. In some countries it was even worse, with different police and intelligence agencies in a country not even sharing with each other. September 11 changed all that. Now most Western nations, and many others, are falling over each other sharing information. And everyone is pretty shocked at what they are discovering. Islamic terrorists were apparently well aware of this lack of cooperation and taking full advantage of the situation. Terrorists who got into trouble in one nation, simply shifted to another one. False documents were freely used, as well easy treatment of refugees by some nations. The false documents still work (and are still available from an extensive network of criminal gangs that supply them), but those claiming refugee status are being scrutinized more carefully. Moreover, the exchange of information is uncovering many people using false documents or abusing refugee status. Many arrests are being made as the people showing up on suspect lists in more than one country often prove to be engaging in criminal activities as well. Terrorists have learned that they can use criminal activity to support their terrorism operations. 




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