Intelligence: October 23, 2001


One of the major problems the NSA is having with the advances in internet and cryptography (secret codes) technology is the NSAs own reluctance to hire many of the new generation of computer programmers. This was the result of a generation and culture gap. For decades the NSA hired programmers versed in the traditional mainframe computer culture. This culture began in the 1950s and 60s, just as the NSA was formed. The PC revolution bypassed the NSA and now they find themselves very much unequipped to deal with many of the new computer technologies that have evolved in the last two decades. To young programmers, the NSA has a reputation for being retro and hostile to new ideas and these lads have been reluctant to sign on. As a result, a new NSA recruiting drive is making little progress. This makes it even more difficult for the NSA to keep on top of computer and crypto technologies available to terrorists.




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