Intelligence: April 19, 2005


  Medical care is getting captured terrorists to talk. This was first noted at the Guantanamo Bay prison, where Afghan and Arab prisoners were given pretty standard American style medical care, and were often restored to health. The prisoners came from societies that had little medical care, and often suffered from lifelong disabilities. When suddenly cured, many became more cooperative. This policy has been transferred to the American prisons in Iraq, particularly Abu Ghraib, where a U.S. Army medical team (Task Force Med 115) provides first class medical care. Even badly wounded suicide bombers are restored to health, causing some to admit, we are fighting the wrong people. As at Guantanamo, some of the patients do not change their attitude, but those that do are much more cooperative. Those that are released go home with very positive stories about how Americans deal with their enemies. This spreads, and changes the attitudes of Iraqis who might otherwise be attracted to the terrorist groups. 




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