Intelligence: Brits Drop the Google Ball


19, 2007:
British troops recently found printouts, of Google Earth pictures
showing one of their bases, when they raided a terrorist hideout in
southern Iraq. The British believe the terrorists are using Google Earth to
plan future attacks. Governments can request that Google Earth obscure, or
change the resolution, of sensitive areas. In this case, the British army and
government did not contact Google Earth, to get details of their Iraq bases
obscured. Governments, and troops, resent having to do this. But there are many
ways to get aerial shots of military camps in Iraq. In Pakistan, Islamic
terrorists have been found building their own photo-recon AUVs, by taking
large, remote-control, toy aircraft, and fitting them with cameras. This is
commonly done by hobbyists, and details of how to do it are available on the
web. In this day and age, there's no place to hide, but you have to make an effort
to deny the enemy easy intel opportunities.




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