Intelligence: Gadgets For Terrorists


January23, 2007: And what clever technology are the bad guys using? They are using a lot of stuff you can buy via the internet. These are items that can assist Islamic terrorists in collecting information, in preparation for attacks. Take, for example, the Trackstick. This looks like a large USB memory stick. Actually it is, but only has a megabit of memory. The rest of the space is taken up by a GPS receiver and a small computer that records where TrackStick has been at 1-15 minute intervals (you choose) for up to a week (on two AAA batteries). Plug the TrackStick into your computer and, using the TrackStick software, you get a map, or a list, of where the TrackStick has been. Googe Earth maps can be used. You could hook the TrackStick up to a transmitter, which would produce a slightly larger package, but one that would send you the current location of the TrackStick.

With this simple technology, you can do all sorts of sneaky, or simply practical, things. You don't need a lot of money. TrackSticks cost $240 each, no questions asked (although there is a warning that it's illegal to track someone without their permission.) But if you're on a mission from God, you already have permission.




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