Intelligence: Britain Refuses To Share


August 10, 2008:  Britain is refusing to share intelligence with Bulgaria and Hungary, fearing that corruption in those nations intelligence agencies might result in British data getting back to the wrong people. This all became an issue after the EU established the Joint Situation Center, to coordinate intelligence from European Union members, to better deal with terrorism, gunrunning and all manner of avoidable (because of sufficient intelligence) disasters. The British checked out this arrangement, and found it wanting.

The British were always leery of arrangements like this , having been burned in the past. Moreover, they know that the smaller EU countries like to use this sharing arrangement to pick up free intel that they can use. The British don't mind a certain amount of this, but they do mind outright sale of their info to gangsters or terrorists. No one likes to come right out and say this, but the problem is there, and apparently bad enough to let the current situation go public.

Bulgaria and Romania, who only recently joined the EU, had to clean up the corruption problems in their governments before they could get in. Both are now being criticized by the EU for quickly dropping their anti-corruption efforts once they were part of the EU, and basically going back to their bad old ways.




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