Intelligence: Iraqi Predator Capabilities


October 1, 2008:  Iraq is installing sensor electronics in their Beechcraft King Air 350ER reconnaissance aircraft. These are twin turboprop aircraft, weighing 7.5 tons each and capable to spending eight hours in the air per sortie. The 350ERs are equipped like a recon UAV, with over a ton of day/night cameras and a radar. Also carried are electronic monitoring equipment. The Lynx II radars being installed are also used in U.S. Predator UAVs. These radars have a max range of 30 kilometers. These are Synthetic Aperture Radars, which can display a realistic picture of what's down there. The 350ER aircraft will also have long range day/night video cameras. There is also communications gear that enables radar or vidcam images to be sent to ground stations, or even police or troops with laptops equipped to capture and display this data. The Iraqis will use their five 350ERs for border patrol, including maritime patrol in and around their offshore oil facilities.





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