Intelligence: Hamas Calls The Kettle Black


December 30,2008:  Hamas has revealed that it has Fatah (the party that dominated Palestinian politics for decades) documents showing long term cooperation with foreign (particularly American and French) intelligence agencies. Hamas captured the documents when it defeated Fatah forces in Gaza. That process began when Fatah lost an election, for leadership of the Palestinians, in 2006. Fatah was not a gracious loser, and this led to battles between Hamas and Fatah gunmen in Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas won in Gaza (where it was always stronger), but lost in the West Bank. The victorious Hamas forces looted Fatah offices in Gaza, and found much evidence of Fatah corruption (which was the main reason Fatah lost the election.)

That Arab governments would spy for the CIA (and other Western intelligence agencies) is nothing new. The Palestinians have long received much economic aid from Western nations, and these goodies often came with strings attached. It always does, not just in the Arab world. But the corruption in Arab countries is more pervasive. More things are for sale, including state secrets, and those of other Arab nations. Espionage is a widespread activity in the Arab world, not just to keep an eye on potential enemies, or current friends, but also to obtain trade material. Western intelligence agencies are always ready to trade, and they pay well. Hamas is believed to trade with Iran, Egypt and other Arab nations. They may even trade with the Americans. Stranger things have happened in this part of the world.




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