Naval Air Article Archive 2009


The Gorshkov Is Going, Going, Gone For $2.3 BillionATR-42MP In Africa AgainAn Important Varyag Update
Indonesia Buys LocalSea King Leaves The NavyU.S. Border Patrol Gets A Big UAV
Wedgetail Finally Makes It To OzLarger Japanese Carriers On the WaySearching The Seas From The Skies Off The Seychelles
The Melting Deck Plates MuddleRushing The Robots Into The AirMV-22s Fly Into Afghanistan
Saudi P-8AsThe Dry Dock Is My FriendNaval Hawks Over Arabian Seas
The Hardest Working Catapult In The BusinessThe Rising Sun Over SomaliaTraining Wheels
MiG-29 Shuts Down The Su-33Perry And The Fire ScoutWings Of Gold For Foreigners
Ailing Apaches Go To SeaChinese Chopper Hunts SubsMiGs Successfully Trapped
Never Trust A Used Carrier SalesmanIndian Built Fighters On Indian Built CarriersArk Royal Gets Another Touchup
Japan Seeks A New Class Of Larger CarriersJapan Launches A Second Aircraft CarrierThe Viraat Steams Naked Into The World
Where There Were None, Now There Is OnePredator C At SeaChinese Ski Jump Spotted
Long Eyed Helicopters Go SouthFrench Navy Foregoes NukesWings Over Somali Waters
Russian Carrier Dreams SunkThe Next Naval Aviation RevolutionIndia Defeats Russia In A Costly Victory
Why The Department of Homeland Security Uses B-52sRebuilding CarriersAerial Refueling For UAVs
Learning To Love The Droids3-D MagicUSN Can't Get Enough 737s
Brazil Shows The Chinese How To Do ItSmothering The Somali Coast With SearchUkraine Aids Russian Carrier Training Effort
The Hawk Checks OutRussia Rebuilds Carrier Training CenterA Tomahawk That Can Hunt You Down
The Melting Deck ProblemF-35B And The CurseChinese Carrier Goes Into Dry Dock
P-3Cs Flock To SomaliaWedgetail And The Little BirdsWings Over White Sandy Beaches
USN Wants To Retire Carriers EarlyThe Politician Class Carriers EvolveUkraine Powers Chinese Carriers
Body Armor In The BackRobotic Reconnaissance On The High SeasA Half Century Of Harrier
P-3ski Plays To The CamerasJapanese Aircraft Carriers Back In BusinessNimrod Withdrawal
Dash For The GulfStingray From AboveScan Eagle Scours The Somali Coast
Retired Vikings Work As Security GuardsMiGs At Sea Down SouthS-3 Replaced By Helicopters
Robots Roam The Mediterranean SkiesThe Forever ShipsChina Builds A Pair



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