Naval Air Article Archive 2011


Harrier Gets AMRAAMThe de Gaulle Does The DeedSea King Fades Away
Russia Gets An UltimatumIndia Wants 24 P-8IsChina Reinvents The P-3C
Not Fading Away Without A StruggleJapan Adopts Sonar Sleds For Mine Hunting ChoppersDe Gaulle Getting E-2C Upgrade
German Aircraft Prowl The Somali CoastB-1B Rules The High SeasAustralian 429s To Support MRH90s
Russians Put Attack Helicopters On CarriersF-18 Fleet Falling ApartUnbearable Bears
USN Wants To Replace F-35s With UAVsFire Scout Gets A Lot BiggerUAVs Guard Israeli Gas Fields
EP-8 Replaced By RobotsTaking The Ouija Board Out Of Flight OperationsU.S. Navy Disbands A Carrier Strike Group
The AirBus P-3Shi Lang Gets Up SteamWhy This F-18D Landed All By Itself
The Chinese Training CarrierChinese UAVs Go To SeaArmy Pilots Become Naval Aviators
India Flies With Mk-54 TorpedoesThe Last Of The InvinciblesRussian Choppers For Mistral
The French ConnectionIt Just WorksSome Vintage COD For Charles de Gaulle
Shi Lang Is Official And ArmedA Mountain Of SteamShi Lang Gets Sight, Smarts And Guns
The Royal Navy Saves Knowledge With F-18EsChina Embraces JointnessTu-142M Comes In Low To Attack Pirates
China And The Cold War PlaybookNorth Korea Denied Chinese BombersPirates Kill Indian Carrier
Shi Lang Headed For ServiceChinese Carrier Fighter Shows Its ColorsChinese Carrier Defenses Installed
A Wing And A PrayerBritish Carrier Aviation Disappears For Awhile The Mysterious And Much Anticipated J-19
India Seeks More Cures For Chinese SubsThe Future Of Naval Aviation Takes FlightChina Builds A Different Kind Of Carrier Air Wing
Try Your Best, And Cover Your AssChinese Jet Trainers For Carrier OperationsDead Harriers In Demand
Compact Carrier ConsideredIndia Shows How It Is DoneScraps For The Coast Guard



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