Naval Air: October 29, 1999


The US Coast Guard is very interested in acquiring the new HV-609 aircraft, dubbed the "Mini-Osprey" since it is a smaller version of the V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft. Tilt-rotors have double the speed and range of helicopters, but can still switch to hover and land like a helicopter. This makes them perfect for operating from ships, and for patrol and rescue work from shore bases.--Stephen V Cole

The Russian Navy wants to build a new version of the Flanker, the Su-27KUB, to broaden the roles for its carrier air group. The Kuznetsov is currently limited to air defense missions because its Su-27 fighters are limited to air-to-air operations. The new Su-27KUB would be capable of air-to-air, training, recon, and maritime strike roles.--Stephen V Cole




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