Naval Air: December 7, 2001


The French nuclear-powered 38,000 ton aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle", docked in the southern port of Toulon, headed for for the Indian Ocean on 1 December. A French navy spokesman said on 28 November that the carrier group would begin her mission to support the War On Terrorism after three to four days training before embarking on the 10-day journey to the Indian Ocean. The carrier was due to enter service in December 2000, but during a voyage from Guadeloupe (French West Indies) to the US naval base at Norfolk, Virginia at 25kts, the port-side propeller broke. As a result, she wasn't put into service until April 2001. The Charles De Gaulle can carry up to 40 aircraft. Hopefully, she'll make her station without incident. - Adam Geibel




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