Naval Air: July 4, 2003


The U.S. Navy has decided on how to modify it's aircraft carrier deployment policy to provide more carriers for emergencies. Noting that having carriers at sea in distant areas was rarely a key factor in dealing with emergencies, most carriers will be kept near their home ports most of the time. In the past, it has need noted that hot sports tend to simmer before they boil over, leaving ample time for a carrier task force to reach the area. In the past, carriers operated on an 18 month cycle (six months at sea, 12 months back at home base getting ready to go to sea.) The new system will compress the "getting ready" part to nine months, followed by nine months of short cruises near the home base, and always being ready to go off to a hot spot on short notice. Sailors, and their families, like this new system, because it would mean long overseas cruises only when there was an emergency. The rest of the time, daddy (or mommy) would be coming home from the ship each night.




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