Submarines: Please Give These Boats A Good Home


April 18,2008: Montenegro, which separated from Serbia two years ago, inherited a chunk of the Yugoslavian navy as part of the deal. But the ships are Cold War vintage, and have not been kept up since the civil war of the 1990s. So most are being sold off. Recognizing that there is not much of a market for these ships, and wanting to get more than scrap value, the navy is offering two Yugoslav built (in Croatia) coastal submarines to museums, or anyone who will preserve them. These are Sava class boats of 830 tons, with six 533mm torpedo tubes and accommodations for a crew of 27. Actually, only one of the boats is operational, this having been accomplished by cannibalizing the other one. The older boat was commissioned in 1978, the second one (which was cannibalized) in 1982. These boats will go cheap, to anyone who will give them a suitable home.




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