Peacekeeping: August 13, 2005


While the African Union is sending peacekeepers to Sudan, most of these African troops do not have much mobility besides some trucks. So Canada is donating 105 wheeled armored vehicles to the Sudan peacekeeping force. The vehicles include a hundred 11 ton Grizzly personnel carriers, and five Husky maintenance (and towing) versions of the Grizzly. The Grizzly carries a machine-gun (12.7 or 7.62mm), and eleven or more troops. The Husky also has a machine-gun, and a crew of two mechanics, who can perform some repairs, as well as towing other vehicles. The Grizzly is actually a license built Swiss MOWAG Piranha 6x6 vehicle. These were built in the early 1980s and are being replaced by LAV III vehicles. Canada is also sending 80 troops to Sudan, to maintain the Grizzlys and train peacekeepers on how to use them. The Grizzlys were well maintained, and upgraded, over the last twenty years.




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