Peacekeeping: Non-Lethal Stryker


September 27, 2006: There is now a peacekeeping version of the Stryker wheeled armored vehicle. This model will be equipped with a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD). This is a high-powered bullhorn like system that sends out a focused stream of sound. This can be used to direct a verbal message to someone out to about 300 meters on land (and over 500 meters over water.) LRAD also has the capacity to send a focused sound that causes pain as well. The LRAD will replace the turret mounted machine-gun usually carried. The Stryker will be equipped with a number of other non-lethal weapons, as well as some lethal ones. In this way, a squad of peacekeepers can quickly reach a hostile situation, and have some non-lethal tools with which to defuse it. If that fails, they still have the option to just shoot everyone.




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