Peacekeeping: South Koreans In Iraq


December 4,2008: South Korea is withdrawing its peacekeeping troops from Iraq by the end of the year, after having been there since 2004. Only 500 troops remain, although the South Koreans once had as many of 3,300 troops stationed in northern Iraq. The South Koreans were in the Kurdish part of the country, and there was little violence. So the South Koreans spent most of their time doing reconstruction work. They helped run a hospital, and built 280 facilities. The South Koreans will leave behind 18,000 items of equipment, and a base, all of which they are donating to the Iraqi government. The South Koreans made a good impression on the Kurds, and Iraqis in general, both for their generosity, and apparent readiness to deal with any violence that might come along.





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