Peacekeeping: Clumsy Cops Cause Catastrophic Chaos


September 9, 2011: One of the biggest peacekeeping operations going on at the moment is in Eastern India, where India's campaign against thousands of armed Maoist rebels in eastern India continues. Despite determined, and deadly, resistance, India is pushing forward to capture or kill over 10,000 armed Maoist rebels operating in rural areas. But there are growing problems with police units, unfamiliar with the local tribes and personal relationships, arresting or killing neutral or pro-government locals. This has made it worse for the anti-Maoist campaign, because traditionally the Maoists had been the main thugs out in the bush areas. Now, the police, out of ignorance and laziness, are outdoing the enemy in antagonizing the tribes and local merchants.

The Maoists have become increasingly powerful in the past eight years. Back in 2003, only about nine percent of 626 districts had a Maoist problem, but now it's 36 percent of districts. The Maoists use terror to raise money, obtain weapons and intimidate local police. The Maoists aggressively recruit teenagers, and terrorize those who try to leave once they have joined. The Maoists are all about attacking corruption and feudal practices out in the countryside (where there is a lot of it.) But in many districts, the Maoists have become more of a bandit problem and are considered a cure that is worse than the disease.

In the last year, special police reinforcements have been finding Maoist bases, and seizing weapons and things like roadside bombs. But the ambushes and arduous patrols in the forests and hills has caused an increasing number of police to try and avoid transfer to the anti-Maoist campaign. Such corrupt behavior is nothing new, but because thousands of police are being transferred to the special anti-Maoist units, there are a lot more cowardly cops seeking to avoid duty on the eastern front. The Maoists believe they can win because of such behavior by some policemen. Long term, the Maoists believe the government will tire of chasing rebels through the rural areas, declare victory, and send the troops home. That could happen.






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