Peacekeeping: Solutions In A Big Box


January 5, 2012:  The U.S. Marine Corps have been developing non-lethal weapons and tactics during the last decade and has now packaged many of the successful ones into shipping containers that can be quickly moved (by truck or helicopter) to where they might be needed. These Escalation of Force Mission Modules contain riot gear (shields, helmets with face masks, batons and the like) for over a dozen marines, as well as green laser dazzlers and electronic translators. The green lasers temporarily blind anyone who catch a glimpse of the light. They can be used to halt cars speeding towards a checkpoint. If that does not work, there are also spike strips that will shred tires of vehicles trying to get across. There are also electronic translators than can instantly translate hundreds of words and phrases into one of many foreign languages and broadcast them from the hand held device. If things get rough, there are high-powered paint ball guns that can be used to mark "persons of interest" or fire projectiles that will stun. There is much more in each container, each item tried, tested, and successful in the past.



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