Weapons Article Archive 2005


USAF Laser Dazzler Special Bombs for Bomb Disposal TroopsPentagon Forced To Ship Ray Gun to Iraq
Home Made Explosives in IraqU.S. Troops Want a Better Bullet Is the SA80 Rifle Worthless?
The Replicators of AfghanistanBigger Bullets Prove BetterLittle Bullets Lose Respect
Tracking IED Inventories in IraqMarines Buy 40mm Six Gun XM8 Put to Sleep
Why IEDs RuleEvolving Bomb Design in IraqSuccessor to Ma Deuce Field Tested
XM-25 Begins Testing Overseas M-1 Carbine Rises From The DeadLAW Goes Back to the Future
Recon Grenade DemonstratedSeptember 7, 2005September 5, 2005
August 31, 2005August 27, 2005August 22, 2005
August 20, 2005August 17, 2005August 3, 2005
July 31, 2005July 21, 2005July 18, 2005
July 13, 2005July 11, 2005June 29, 2005
June 26, 2005June 24, 2005Car Bombs in Iraq
June 16, 2005June 14, 2005June 7, 2005
May 27, 2005May 13, 2005May 12, 2005
May 10, 2005May 3, 2005May 1, 2005
April 23, 2005April 5, 2005April 1, 2005
March 29, 2005March 24, 2005March 21, 2005
March 12, 2005March 10, 2005February 22, 2005
February 11, 2005February 3, 2005January 19, 2005
January 11, 2005January 6, 2005January 5, 2005



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