Weapons Article Archive 2007



PenetrationM4 Comes In LastDeath Ray Replaced By The Voice of God
The AK-47's African CompetitionHandy Depth Charges"Spray and Pray" Is Going Away
Distrust in the Dust (another 5.56mm tragedy)Laser Guided Mortar RoundAfghans Adopt the M-16
Theft Resistant Assault RifleShort Shotgun Replaces the Bayonet71,000 New 40mm Grenade Launchers
The Perfect StormReally Secret WeaponsGrowing Popularity of 8.6mm Sniper Round
Mysteries of the IED CampaignThe Instrument of the DevilIranian EFPs Proliferate
Ma Deuce Replacement StumblesMighty Mite of a Night SightIEDs Cast In Stone
Slick New Pistol SightA Really Nice Shaped ChargeA Loud Failure
Robots Take Over the Danger ZoneUSMC Seeks New LMGIraq Adopts the M16 and M4
Distrust In The DustChinas Hot New RPG WarheadDefeating Roadside Bomb Jammers
Losing Your Head Over FertilizerThe Menacing Missiles of TaiwanThe Immortal M9
New U.S. Army Sniper RifleIranian EFPs for Instant AmbushesWhy Land Mines Won't Go Away
The XM8 Lives, Sort OfIraq Mystery Weapon IdentifiedTavor Triumphs Over Tribulations
Who Makes the Best 9?The AK-47 Ammo CrisesPlain Talk About 5.56mm Versus 7.62mm
Smoothbore Discarding Sabot Sniper RifleWonder Weapon WarinessRay Gun Factory Opens
Pakistani AMRAAMsU.S. Navy and the SR25 Sniper RifleClip On Sniper Night Sight